Ontopia Code Camp

Program for TMRA 2010

Get the PDF version of the program here.

SC 34/WG 3 Meeting – 27 and 28 September 2010

The meeting of ISO/IEC SC 34/WG3 – the official ISO meeting for the Topic Maps standardization in conjunction with TMRA 2010 – takes place on Monday 27 September 2010 and on Tuesday 28 September 2010. If you like to attend / visit the meeting please contact the convenor Patrick Durusau or the TMRA organization team. You will find the draft agenda for the meeting here. Generally the meeting is open to all interested parties.

Venue: Room Everth, Media Campus Villa Ida, Poetenweg 28, D-04155 Leipzig, Germany
Start: 9.00 a.m.

Wednesday 29 September 2010 – tutorial day of TMRA 2010

The tutorials provide you hands-on exercises on different technologies in the Topic Maps ecosystem.

TMRA 2010 Warm up beer

There is a table reserved for the traditional TMRA warm up beer at 7 p.m. The location is Morrison’s which is located at Ritterstraße 38-40, 04109 Leipzig. In the bar you get drinks and food. Please be aware that the TMRA warm up beer is not included in the conference fees.

Thursday 30 September 2010 – 1st conference day of TMRA 2010

All events in the left column of the program take place in the room Schiller 2.
All events in th right column of the program take place in the room Everth+Peterhans.

09.00 Welcome Note by Lutz Maicher
09:15 Sponsors Presentation Session
09:30 Keynote
Information visualisation and visual analytics – a case for Topic Maps?
by Gerik Scheuermann

Topic Maps Frontends
Session chair: Robert Cerny
Practical Topic Maps Research
Session chair: Rani Pinchuk
11:00 AToM2 – a ”web database” with Topic Maps roots
by Pavel Gardavský

Modeling Units of Measurement
by Xuân Baldauf

11:20 Putting Topic Maps to REST
by David Damen, Maria Patriksson

Ontopia Modularisation with Maven
by Quintin Siebers, Pieter Brandwijk

11:45 Generating an Ontology Specific Editor
by Hannes Niederhausen, Sven Windisch, Lutz Maicher

Subject Headings make information to be topic maps
by Motomu Naito

12:10 Designing a GUI Description Language with Topic Maps
by Lukas Georgieff

Inquiry Optimization Technique for a Topic Map Database
by Yuuki Kuribara, Masaomi Kimura

Information wants to be a topic map
Session chair: Steven R. Newcomb
13:30 DeepaMehta 3 – Information wants to be put in formation
by Malte Reißig

13:50 Maiana – The social Topic Maps explorer
by Uta Schulze, Lutz Maicher

14:15 Networked Planet Web3 Platform
by Graham Moore, Kal Ahmed

14:40 Topic Maps for improved access to and use of content in relational databases – a case study on the descriptive variety lists of Germany’s Bundessortenamt
by Gerhard Weber, Ralf Eilbracht, Stefan Kesberg

Optimizing Data Access
Session chair: Geir Ove Grønmo
Investigating Ontology Structures
Session chair: Arnim Bleier
15:30 Spatial Identification of Subjects
by Sven Krosse

External Schema for Topic Map Database
by Keita Nabeta, Yuuki Kuribara, Masaomi Kimura, Takashi Kojima, Takashi Yamazaki

15:50 Introducing the tm2jdbc Topic Maps Engine
by Johannes Payr

Evaluation of Instances Asset in a Topic Maps-Based Ontology
by Petra Haluzová

16:15 Defining Domain-Specific Facets for Topic Maps With TMQL Path Expressions
by Sven Windisch, Lutz Maicher

Topic Maps Graph Visualization & Suggested GTM
by Jelle Pelfrene, Rani Pinchuk

16:45 Open Space Session moderated by Lars Marius Garshol
17:45 End of the first conference day

Friday 1 October 2010 – 2nd conference day of TMRA 2010

All events in the left column of the program take place in the room Schiller 2.
All events in th right column of the program take place in the room Everth+Peterhans.

Semantic Integration
Session chair: Benjamin Bock
Theoretical Topic Maps Research
Session chair: Lutz Maicher
9:00 A new approach to semantic integration
by Lars Marius Garshol

Topic Merge Scenarios for Knowledge Federation
by Jack Park

9:20 Live Integration Framework
by Christian Haß, Sven Krosse

Et Tu, Brute? Topic Maps and Discourse Semantics
by Lars Johnsen

9:45 1st Topic Maps Elevator Pitch Contest at TMRA 2010
11:00 Poster Session
Session chair: Alexander Sigel

Poster: Scaling Biomedical Topic Maps to Billions of Associations: How to Cope With Terabytes of Data?
by Benedikt Wachinger, Volker Stümpflen

Poster: Use of the Wii Remote for Interaction in a Topic Map-Based Learning Web Site
by Shu Matsuura

Poster: A generic Topic Maps viewer for the iPhone
by Jan Schreiber

Topic Maps on the web
Session chair: Sven Windisch
Topic Maps in the industry
Session chair: Gerhard Weber
11:30 Ontopia/Liferay Integration
by Lars Marius Garshol, Matthias Fischer

Knowledge of pharmaceutical developments using H-Maps
by Steffen Hüttner, Hans Wiech

11:50 A PHP library for Ontopia-CMS Integration
by Tomáš Kliegr, Jakub Balhar, Andrej Hazucha

Automatic semantic interpretation of unstructured data for knowledge management
by Jörg Wurzer

12:10 JavaScript Topic Maps in server environments
by Jan Schreiber

Scalability and Merging
Session chair: Jan Schreiber
Topic Maps in the industry 2
Session chair: Jörg Wurzer
13:30 A Merging Java Topic Maps Engine
by Sven Krosse

Topic Maps for subject-centric publishing from document-centric content management systems – a case study on a website of a regional cluster of companies
by Gerhard Weber, Ralf Eilbracht, Stefan Kesberg

13:50 Hatana – Virtual Topic Map Merging
by Uta Schulze

Modelling IMS QTI with Topic Maps
by Reidar Bratsberg, Jan Schreiber, Terje Oksum Syversen

14:15 Open Space Session moderated by Lars Marius Garshol
15:30 Panel Discussion
Customer experiences – Making them love Topic Maps

moderated by Benjamin Bock

Lars Marius Garshol, Bouvet , Norway
Alexander Sigel, Researcher , Germany
Steven R. Newcomb, Coolhead Consulting , USA
Lutz Maicher, Topic Maps Lab at the University of Leipzig , Germany
Reidar Bratsberg, Ravn , Norway

16.00 AWARD ceremony for the Topic Maps Elevator Pitch Contest
16:10 End of the second conference day