Ontopia Code Camp

Topincs NoCode Camp

The Topincs project invites you to participate in the Topincs NoCode Camp @tmra 2010. The NoCode camp will take place September 29, 2010 as full day tutorial of TMRA 2010.

What is Topincs?

The Topincs NoCode Camp is an introduction to the web database software Topincs which enables you to provide information viewing and recording services to your users. With Topincs in your tool belt you will be able react to user demands in little to no time increasing the overall agility of your department.

Who is invited?

Got data? If you have a group of people who need to access and maintain information in collaboration, Topincs is the fastest way to get you up and running. With a Topincs installation and the knowledge of the NoCode camp you will be able to set up a web database for your users to access and edit from any browser and even from the iPhone. It will not take weeks and months to do so, but just days.

Anybody involved with data services: administrators, developers, teachers, trainers, department heads. No programming skills required.


The NoCode Camp will be staged by the inventor and lead developer of Topincs.

Robert Cerny is the Head behind the Topincs project.


In this tutorial you learn how to set up a web database with Topincs. Using the Topic Maps Constraint Language you will incrementally model a domain of your choice and run it in Topincs. The largest part of the tutorial is coding free since Topincs does all the work for you. All you need is a web browser.